What are the benefits of adding yucca extract to cat and dog food for cats and dogs?

For pet food, yucca extract is also a good additive. Its main component is a complex of some saponin ligands and sugars. Due to its special physiological mechanism, it has a strong adsorption capacity for reactive gases, which can reduce the concentration of harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and has a great effect on improving the environment of keeping pets at home.

Pet fecal odor is an unpleasant reality caused by living together. For pets living indoors, especially cats and dogs using grit boxes or confined to kennels or other small spaces, this problem is especially unpleasant for their owners. There are already cat litter containing deodorants, however this is not an ideal solution to the problem. Fecal odor in pets is partly the result of microbial fermentation, inflammation and weak digestion produced by indigestion and inappropriate bacterial activity.

Improve intestinal health, most dogs and cats usually have short and large stomachs, so for carnivorous pets, the nutrients in pet food are often not fully digested and absorbed. Yucca extract can increase the length of intestinal villi and reduce the thickness of intestinal mucosa, while clearing the intestinal wall of dirt and removing toxins.

3. The adsorption capacity of special gases (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) can improve the intestinal environment, reduce the smell of feces, and improve the feeding environment.